Surgery for Aesthetics and Reconstruction


To enhance a patient’s look and self-esteem, plastic surgery is used to change the body’s normal structures. Surgery on aberrant body structures resulting from congenital deformities, developmental anomalies, trauma, infection, tumours, or disease is known as reconstructive surgery. Although the primary goal of the procedure is usually to improve function, it can also be done to roughly restore a normal appearance.

Since the modern plastic surgeon practices both reconstructive and aesthetic surgery, it might be challenging to draw a distinction between the two fields! At Max Healthcare, we use a built-in functional correction technique to enhance people’s looks. With our cutting-edge methods, we can easily treat everything from a broken face to a baby’s cleft palate. Our cutting-edge technologies, such as Ultrapulse Fractional Laser for facial sculpting and Vaser Liposuction for body contouring, place us among the top centres of excellence in the field of aesthetic surgery.

Our cosmetic procedures, such as Breast Reduction Surgery (which reduces back discomfort), Eyelid Lift (which broadens one’s field of vision), Nose Reshaping (which facilitates breathing), and Tummy Tuck (which facilitates better exercise and improves one’s general well-being), A person’s appearance is improved by facial implants, breast lifts, reductions, enlargements, implants, injectable wrinkle fillers, facelifts, hair restoration surgeries, lip augmentation, buttock/thigh lifts, forehead/brow lifts, eyelid surgeries, and post-bariatric body contouring.

However, the goal of every reconstructive procedure we perform for cancer, injuries, or congenital deformities is also to return the patient’s appearance to normal. The use of noninvasive cosmetic procedures has revolutionized the rejuvenation of the face and body without the dangers or downtime associated with open surgery. Modern Thermi RF, a ground-breaking nonsurgical rejuvenation tool, is available at Max Multispecialty Centre, Panchsheel Park, and Max Super Speciality Hospital, Vaishali. This is the first installation of its kind in India and the first technology of its kind worldwide. It uses temperature at an endpoint and dynamic thermal skin imaging. It is a thermistor-regulated radiofrequency technology. It is g

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Cosmetic Surgery

It is a type of surgery that can remodel proportions and reverse aging effects in the face, breast, and body. To create an aesthetically pleasant appearance, shape and proportion are essential. This is what beauty is also defined as. Our expert plastic surgeons at Max Healthcare place a high priority on creating a personalized strategy that will produce aesthetically pleasing results while keeping patient safety as the top priority.

Surgery for Reconstruction

Millions of people worldwide may experience birth abnormalities, injuries, and disfigurement problems during their lifetime. Nonetheless, there exist protocols that can aid in enhancing any issue, regardless of its nature. Reconstruction for head and neck cancer and breast cancer restores lives and grants cancer sufferers the ability to live honourably and self-assuredly. Hand surgery restores function to patients suffering from trauma, birth deformities such as syndactyly, and nerve compressions such as carpal tunnel, enabling them to take charge of their own lives. The body parts covered span the entire body and the list is infinite. In addition, plastic surgeons work with patients of different ages. Restoring a child’s cleft lip at three months old or repairing a 70-year-old patient’s tongue cancer can all be done in the same day.

Plastic surgeons can heal and treat wounds in a range of situations using their reconstructive arsenal, and they are widely regarded as wound experts.

The Greek word “plastikos,” which means “to mould or make,” is where the word “plastic” originates. Plastic surgery is unquestionably the most creative surgical specialty of them all. Plastic surgeons are still at the forefront of auto transplantation of free flaps and new horizons in face and hand transplantation; even transplant surgery is the origin of microsurgery.

Max Saket is the only and most advanced microsurgery clinic in India thanks to the installation of Spy Angiography, the most advanced dynamic intraoperative angiography in the world.

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